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Relive Kit Barraquias' Most Remarkable Moments As FHM Model

The stunning it-girl in the mid-aughts and mom of Marlon Stockinger's twin daughters has always been an FHM Nation favorite
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Mar 31, 2017
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Former model and FHM fan favorite Kit Barraquias has revealed in an exclusive interview with that professional race car driver Marlon Stockinger is the father of her seven-year-old twin daughters. 

Of course, we all know Marlon as the current S.O. of former 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach

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Kit told that she and Marlon had a one-year relationship and she got pregnant when she was 27 years old while he was only 18. 

“We had twins,” Kit admitted. “He’s the biological dad. I don’t wanna say he’s the dad...just the biological dad. We haven’t had any communication. He hasn’t seen the girls ever.” added that the two broke up when Kit was four months into her pregnancy. 

Kit kept quiet for the longest time because “I don’t wanna be the one to ruin his racing career. I just want this to be done and to stop, like speculations, making me look like [I’m asking for money].” 

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From ‘it-model’ to working girl 

Kit Barraquias first appeared in the March 2005 issue of FHM, in the ‘Who’s That Girl?’ portion of the magazine’s old Insider section. 

Back then, the Fil-Chinese was hailed by experts as Philippine Fashion’s ‘it-girl,” an accolade Kit found flattering but quite strange. 

“I’ve been getting a lot of projects lately,” the stunning ex-model said then. “But it’s nothing like, ‘Whoa, big deal!’ I’m just flattered."

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She added: “I don’t really see anything special with myself...But siguro yung pinaka-“it” factor ko is I make it a point to be friends with people I work with. Mas masaya magtrabaho kapag masaya yung working environment.” 

When asked what kind of guy she liked to date, Kit, who according to the interview is now into financing, said: “No standard qualities. For me as long as there is chemistry, it doesn’t matter how they look like. But I do have standards with regard to attitude—everybody must set a standard for themselves. It’s a must.”

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Independent woman

She returned to the pages of FHM eight years later in January 2013, in the Marian Rivera-starred 150th Special Issue of the magazine.

Sounding more confident about herself and her achievements, Kit talked about what it meant to be an empowered woman. “It’s having self confidence and owning it—being whole, knowing what you want, that’s sexy for me.”

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By this time, Kit was already a single working mom of two. When asked what her greatest mistakes in life were—and how she overcame them—she answered: “Oh my God, you just had to ask me that! The men in my life! Not just one, a few—no more details, ha ha!”

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“I’m trying to correct it just by being single for the moment—maybe just be single forever, ha ha! I’ll just have fun.”

Kit has always believed that there’s nothing sexier than an independent woman—someone who knows what she wants and takes charge of her own life.

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“It sounds cheesy but Angelina Jolie embodies that for me,” she said. “She does good charity work, she’s beautiful, she’s talented, she does whatever she wants—the lifestyle she wants, the kind of family she wants to build. She does it.” 

Kit, who was also featured in our FHM Ladies’ Confessions Special in 2011, had been voted into the FHM 100 Sexiest Women In The World list twice—in 2006 and 2012. 

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