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Meet The Real-Life Incredible Hulk

And he didn't even need gamma rays
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 27, 2016
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We all know that Dan Bilzerian is the real-life Tony Stark. Okay, maybe they have more than a few differences. But they're both rich.

The real-life Incredible Hulk and his fictional counterpart also have one thing in common: They're both jacked.

This is the Marvel superhero:

This is the real one:

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See? They're both guys we wouldn't bet against in the time-revered sport of arm-wrestling—or any sort of wrestling, for that matter. They look like the type who crushes boulders between their biceps to sort of warm up for the day.


The real guy is Sajad Gharibi, a 385-pound weightlifter from Iran who can supposedly lift up to 400 pounds. More than the sheer amount of poundage he can carry, it's his appearance that has inspired people to call him the real-life Hulk or the "Persian Hercules" to some.

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The comparisons have attracted quite the fandom on Instagram where he currently has around 75,000 followers. He's like Shaq in a way. There are people who marvel at Shaq not just because he's a great basketball player, but by being damn huge. Sajad is also damn huge.

Let's look at how enormous he is in his IG posts:

This is him pointing towards the next barbell he intends to lift (we think). He used the hashtag "wwe." Is he trying to get the attention of the pro wrestling company? We'd watch his debut fight that's for sure.

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Here he is, auditioning as a plus-size model for Abercrombie or something.

This is how he compares to "normal" guys. LOOK AT THAT FOREARM. Man, that's an elephant's penis.

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We don't suggest placing your chest area near Sajad's dynamite fist. Because what if SURPRISE PUNCH!

When you see a guy like this walking towards you, don't think; RUN.

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And just in case you don't get why he's called the "Iranian Hulk," Sajad makes it clear to you with this awesome Photoshop job:

Peace tayo, Sajad.

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