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The Sexiest Photos Of Your Favorite Momoland Members

Get to know the rest of the Korean girl group
by John Paulo Aguilera | Jun 9, 2018
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The deluge of clicks on our recent feature on Momoland's Nancy only drove the said article's point home: once again, Filipinos are under the spell of these doll-like female K-pop idols. Apparently, all it takes is a catchy tune and a group of gorgeous girls gyrating for Pinoy men to get hooked on the next Asian sensation.

After abusing the replay button on their hit single "BBoom BBoom," FHM decided to write about the rest of the nine-piece song-and-dance crew. We picked their hottest and most recent photos in Momoland's official Instagram account, along with a few interesting trivia about each lovely performer from Kpop Profiles.

Hyebin, 22

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One of Momoland's two lead rappers sleeps a lot, eats the fastest, and speaks really fast, according to a guesting on Pops in Seoul. Hyebin also loves playing LEGO and hates spicy food (esp. beondegi).

Yeonwoo, 21

Otakus, rejoice! Yeonwoo is a fan of One Piece, and sees the character White Beard as her role model. For someone who has fine drawing skills, she is known for having horrible handwriting.

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Jane, 20

When she isn't busy browsing webtoons, riding a bike, filling her diary, shopping online, and practicing photography, Jane does a mean impression of a pressure rice cooker (Pops in Seoul).

Taeha, 19

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Taeha is fond of singing trot, sexy dancing, and food trippin'. Ironically, one of Momoland's two main vocalists became popular for her painful slaps (how in the world?), but she cries almost instantly.


Nayun, 19

The multilingual vocalist-rapper admits to being great at listening and giving people advice. No wonder it was revealed on Pops in Seoul that Nayun can stay on the line for two to three hours.

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Daisy, 18

Daisy tried her luck in the reality show Finding Momoland and was eliminated, before eventually joining the group. She specializes in ballet and English, having lived in Canada for 11 years.

JooE, 19

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Not to be outshined by Jane, her special skill is being able to imitate the sound of wiping a window. One way or another, you've seen her on TV before: "I've Fallen For You," "King of Mask Singer".

Ahin, 19

Ahin might just be the most active member, citing basketball and running (100 meters in 14 seconds) as her hobbies. Momoland's other main vocalist looks up to singer Ariana Grande.

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Nancy, 18

Despite being the youngest member, everyone's favorite idol has the most training experience (6 years, debuted as Pops in Seoul host). Nancy's ideal man is someone who has dignity and goals. WHAT. A. BABE.


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