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The FHM Guide To Man Food: The Mr. Pizza Experience

An Italian favorite. A Korean twist. Now in the Philippines!
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 28, 2015
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The FHM Guide To Man Food is your source for the most tummy-bursting, jaw-breaking, tongue-searing, Instagram-worthy meals fit for a real man. In this regular feature, we'll brave the streets of Manila to feature some of the yummiest food around perfect for that weekly pig-out session with your bros, an awesome date with the girlfriend, or for some good ol' destressing-by-eating.

Yes, brothers, it's TIME TO EAT. Or rather, it is TIME TO SHOW YOU WHERE TO EAT.

Pizza lovers, rejoice: Mr. Pizza has opened its first branch in the Philippines (and its at Greenbelt 3)!

Why are we so goddamn giddy? Well, here's why: Originally from Korea, the world-famous gourmet pizza has spawned 505 branches globally, its unique flavors and playful crust blowing the minds of even the most seasoned of pizza munchers.

A quick browse of the menu left us drooling; and we dare you not to after seeing pizza flavors like Seafood Island, Macho Grande, and Secret Garden. You can also choose which crust you fancy, ranging from "that's-sounds-great-for-a-pizza" like cream cheese to "what-the-hell-is-there-really-such-a-thing" like mocha bun (a combination of coffee, chocolate, and milk). With a menu this varied, it can be quite tough to pick what to order. Fortunately, we've already done the "hard part" for you, taste-testing almost everything they have to offer to give you our top picks.

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Below are the findings of our "painstaking research."

MUST TRY #1: Macho Grande

According to Mr. Pizza Marketing Manager Chanky Tiangco, Macho Grande with mocha bun crust is the food chain’s best seller. So we tried it. We believed her after our first bite. The round steak cuts and buttery potato toppings combine perfectly with the mocha bun. We now know what those TV cooking show judges mean when a dish's flavors "explode in their mouth."

Regular (good for 3-4 heads): ₱730
Large (good for 5-6 heads):

MUST TRY #2: Eggta

Egg tart lovers will surely love this one. It has a soft and moist crust topped with beef steak and Camembert cheese (a French cheese made from unpasteurized milk and is often sweet, soft, and milky). Forget the fork and knife for this one, we highly recommend you eat it using your hands to control the stretch of mozzarella you'll face with every bite.

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Regular (good for 3-4 heads): ₱900
Large (good for 5-6 heads):

MUST TRY #3: Shrimp Gold

Korea has found a way to mix Cajun shrimp (shrimp marinated with seasoning) ground beef, chilies, bacon, corn, and olives into a bold new pizza flavor. Pair this one with their Gold crust, which is relatively thin, hand-tossed, and with lump-filled edges topped with cheddar and filled with sweet potato mousse.

Regular (good for 3-4 heads): ₱780
Large (good for 5-6 heads):

MUST TRY #4: Seafood Island 2

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Look at that picture again. Then answer this: Do you love seafood on pizza? If yes, then you've found your soulmate.

Regular (good for 3-4 heads): ₱900
Large (good for 5-6 heads):


While pizza is obviously the specialty of Mr. Pizza, the newly-opened restaurant have other food items in store. Here are their non-pizza dishes which we think also deserve some praise:

Chicken Spicy Cream (₱280)

Crab Carbonara (₱330)

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Ms. Chicken (₱230)

Mr. Chicken (₱230)


Mr. Pizza is located on the ground floor of Greenbelt 3, near Seattle's Best. They're open from 11 a.m. to 12 midnight.

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