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An Updated Catalog Of Myrtle Sarrosa's Sexiest Cosplays

Those purple locks sure look good on the gorgeous cosplayer
by John Paulo Aguilera | Feb 3, 2018
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If there's one thing we wish we had FHM February 2018 cover girl Myrtle Sarrosa do in her sophomore appearance, it's have her slip into those skin-tight cosplays.

Three years ago, we rounded up Myrtle's sexiest character depictions ever as one of the country's most recognized geek girls. In time for her sizzling return this month, and as a way to pay homage to her magazine debut, it's only fitting to update the pop culture-charged list.

We've also included how she was able to embody each sultry fictional persona. 

Take a look:

Who: Psylocke

Myrtle shares the Marvel superheroine's physical and mental prowess with her proficiency in dance and her academics.

Who: Raven

The element of suprise that stems from Myrtle's ability to portray any character shrouds her in mystery, just like the DC figure.


Who: Cammy White

Apparently, the sexy geek is as deadly as the soldier from the Street Fighter franchise, at least when it comes to playing video games.

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Who: Poison Ivy

Judging from her sunflower-filled grad shoot, Myrtle seems to have an affinity for nature, although not as toxic as the Batman antagonist.

Who: Supergirl

This is basically Myrtle telling guys with bad intentions, "You wouldn't want to mess with me."


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