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Nadine Lustre’s Glorious 'Cheeky' Selfies Are Tearing The Internet Apart

We’re claiming it—she’s the master of the #instabooty
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jul 21, 2018
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Another Instagram post featuring 2017’s FHM Sexiest Woman, Nadine Lustre, is trending for all the right reasons.

The IG updates, posted on the respective accounts of her best friends and travel buddies Kiana Valenciano, Andrea Luis, and Lauren Reid, feature the girl group’s lovely #instabooty shots while on vacation.


The instabooty, or the butt selfie (AKA belfie), have blown up on Instagram these past few months. This pose has become the new norm, that every time we open our feed, we see women flaunting their glorious curves on the beach, on the bed, and just about everywhere.

The emergence of this Instagram trend served as a gateway for a new kind of sexy—the type that’s overflowing with confidence and oozing with undeniable charisma. It doesn’t matter if she’s stick-thin, curvy, or straight—what’s important is how she carries herself because this pose does not discriminate at all. And seeing butts of all shapes and sizes is such a delight to the eyes, to be honest.

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That’s why we’re not surprised why a lot of famous celebrities and influencers are doing this viral IG trend. But really though, there’s nothing quite like when it’s James Reid's lovely girlfriend who does it, right?

We’re claiming it—Nadine has mastered the art of the instabooty, and the proof is all over her well-curated Instagram feed:

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