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Meet One Championship Ring Girl Lucky Mizili—A Bold And Natural Stunner

This Korean cutie can teach you a thing or two about keeping it real
by Chise Alcantara | Mar 19, 2018
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Koreans have always been known for their flawless white skin and amazing bodies, but a lot of people attribute those qualities to tons of makeup and surgery. You can’t really blame society for being a tad suspicious after being exposed to copious amounts of Korean idols and actresses who always seem to look perfect.

But One Championship Ring Girl Lucky Mizili swears that her amazing figure and luscious skin is all due to her healthy lifestyle (and extremely superior genetics). So even if we’re not as gifted as her in the DNA department, maybe we can still get some tips on how to achieve health and prosperity.

So you’re telling us that makeup and plastic surgery isn’t actually big in Korea now?

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I think the current trend right now is trying to make our face naturally beautiful, instead of putting heavy makeup. I actually think, foreigners put a lot more makeup because they tend to emphasize their eyebrows and cheeks while Koreans in general just like to maintain their fair complexions.

But we read a lot of articles online about Korean girls getting surgery for their birthdays? You’ve never really heard of them?

Nope! Never, ha ha! This is my first time hearing about this. I’d actually take it as a compliment if foreigners actually think us Koreans had to undergo surgery to look this beautiful. I don’t remember there being a plastic surgery trend, but when I was younger, most girls would put on a lot of makeup because we wanted to look more foreign.


Did you like putting on that much makeup or would you prefer the current trend of having a more natural face?

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I definitely like how things are right now more, ha ha! I never really felt like myself when I had to put on makeup because I was just trying to look like everyone else. At least now, I can focus on just improving myself and developing my own style.

Could you describe your style now, then?

Most clients get me for modelling gigs because I look very exotic compared to other models. My skin is a lot darker and I think that makes me look unique so I focus on having really nice and healthy skin that will look good on camera. I also go to the gym often to achieve a perfect figure. If you feel healthy and good about yourself, it translates to the photos that people take of you.

Hypothetically, what if the trend reverts back to women putting on heavy makeup again? Would your aesthetic follow suit?

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Oh no! Ha ha! Probably not. I’m really happy with how I look and feel right now. I think that’s the most important thing.

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