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One Championship Ring Girl Siena Shares Some Old Korean Wisdom

If any of you want to know how to impress your future Seoul-mate, then you're in luck
by Chise Alcantara | Apr 9, 2018
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Have you ever wondered how an old fashioned Korean girl is like? Despite how outgoing she may look and how many different cultures she’s interacted with, Siena admits that she’s still very much influenced by her traditional Korean upbringing. So if any of you want to know how to impress your future Seoul-mate, then you’re in luck because Siena bears it all for you.

So who’s your favorite One athlete

Angela Lee. She’s so strong and beautiful. At first glance, you wouldn’t expect her to be so tough, but she proves everyone wrong inside the ring. Also, she’s Korean like me, ha ha!

Why does it seem like all you Koreans look so beautiful? Does it have to do with how well you treat yourself?

I don’t think so. I think Angela doesn’t spend a lot of time taking care of her skin and stuff like that. She mostly just trains but I think that’s one of the charming things about her—she’s naturally beautiful.

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Why is it charming? Are most Koreans concerned with how they look?

Yes, a lot of Koreans care about how others view us so we try and look our best. For Angela, I don’t think she really cares about what other people say about her. She lives life fun and free, at least that’s what I think based off her SNS (Social Networking Sites), ha ha!

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Would you prefer it if Koreans were more like Angela?

Hmm... probably not. I think we should still respect the things that are deeply rooted in our culture. It’s not wrong to take into consideration how other people view you if you use that knowledge to better yourself. I think that’s the great thing about Korean culture, we are very respectful of the opinions of others because we think they can help us become better.


But how would you know which opinions to follow? What if people would just like to be negative towards you?

Before when I was just starting out in modelling, I would get a lot of bad comments. I used to take them to heart but now, as time passes, I feel like I’ve grown mature enough to handle them and decide, which ones to actually listen to.

How were you able to become more mature?

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I think it’s the passing of time. Wait, that’s actually a bit philosophical, ha ha! What I meant was it’s better to step back sometimes if you want to really understand the things that are happening to you and time allows for that. You can decide with a clearer head if you take your time with these things.

Photography Ejay Leung of Midnight Bonkers Makeup Janina Dizon Stylist Sancho Bernardo and R-Jya Ramos Hair Dave Grona Shot on Location Nobu Hotel, City of Dreams Translation Sara Lim


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