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OPM Goddesses You Really Need To Listen To (And Check Out)

Time to update that playlist
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jan 27, 2017
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Last year, we wrote an article about some of the women in the independent music scene who made our hearts skip a beat: BP Valenzuela, Clara Benin, Kim Trinidad (of Loop), Isabelle Romualdez (of Fools and Foes), and Reese Lansangan. We dubbed them as “Indie OPM Goddesses,” the women who never fail to make us swoon during gigs and while watching their music vids. Their dreamy voices are one-of-a-kind, and we are totally hypnotized.

Now, we present to you a new batch of talented, lovely ladies whose voices make us weak in the knees, as they bring vocal thunder to their bands and to the current opm scene. Ready you earphones—FHM is about to take you on an eargasmic ride once again.

1) Trish Reyes of Even 

Arguably one of the best of the current female screamers, British-Filipina Trish can switch from the bestial growling, blood-curdling shrieking chick to a sweet singing siren in just a snap. She can rock your world very much like she rocks the stage.  

Watch her here:

2) Julz Savard a.k.a SIXX

Save Me Hollywood frontwoman, actress, model, VJ, DJ, and FHM babe Julz Savard has added a new achievement to her long list of awesomeness—she's now a solo music artist. Now known as SIXX, Julz bids goodbye to her pop-punk vibe and is now experimenting and concentrating more on electro-pop tunes. Her music will gwet you high, and with the flawless Julz, it's a trip worth experiencing.

Watch her here:



3) Kat Taylor of Saydie

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With seeping angst and fury coming out of every screech and wail, Kat’s voice perfectly complements the band's jangly, banging throes. Live or studio version, you can trust Kat to put on a stellar performance.

Watch her here:

4) Emmanuelle Vera

The Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa star is not just a kick-ass actress. She also knows how to carry a tune. And boy, does she sings so amazingly! Expect Emmanuelle to drop catchy, dreamy vocals on every song that she busts out. Just check out her Youtube videos to find out for yourself. She acts, plays the guitar, knows how to sing. We see a bright future ahead for Emmanuelle. 

Watch her here:


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