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Which Craft Beer Goes Well With Your Favorite Bar Chow

Your handy guide to going beyond the usual Red Horse and Skyflakes combo
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 29, 2016
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The website has something helpful for all of you modern gentlemen who have been befuddled with the enormous selection of beers and bar chow offered in the market now. The site, a source for all things craft beer, has concocted an infographic that suggests which beer goes well with what type of food.

As you may have noticed in recent years, beer isn't just beer anymore; there are lagers, ales, stouts, bocks, and all sorts of other types whose names can be a mouthful. It gets confusing. To sort through the mess, this beer and food pairing guide might be just what we all need. (Click on the 'graphic below to view it in its full size.)


Now, you may notice that the beers listed under the "Beer Flavors" column can also be alienating.

How does an "Imperial India Pale Ale" differ from an "American Pale Ale"? Will you be inebriated faster with "German-Style Bock" than with a "Belgian-Style Flanders"? Luckily, the site has a section dedicated to educating us about these drinks too, as well as examples for each type. (Click on the photo below to proceed to their page.)

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