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Paulo Avelino's Non-Showbiz Girlfriend Is Stealing The Spotlight

Let her be your new Instagram must-follow
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jul 26, 2017
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Last night, Paulo Avelino admitted on Pep.ph that he’s currently in a relationship with Filipino-Australian model, Jodie Elizabeth Tarasek.

According to the interview, Paulo met Jodie through a common friend.  “Sobrang simple lang, yun ang isa sa mga reasons kung bakit sobra akong na-attract sa kanya,” he said.

Earlier this month, Instagram videos of them went viral online.


No wonder the video was still trending even weeks after it was posted. Jodie was so gorgeous that she effortlessly grabbed the attention of netizens with her charming smile and piercing eyes! Just look at her snaps to see what we’re talking about.

Based on research, Jodie has modelled for popular local brands like Avon:

And Purefoods:


Looking forward to seeing more of this woman!

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