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It's Summer All-Year Round With Swimwear Designer Jess Efenio

This girl boss will spice up your feed
by Khatrina Bonagua | Sep 10, 2018
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The thrill of discovery is what keeps all of us coming back to Instagram. Whether it's to find new ways to explore our country or choreograph sillier bits via Boomerang, the excitement never stops if you just know what to do and where to look.

We here at can attest to this and we've shored up our must-follow list recently in the process. You're right, it absolutely pays to be a naturally friendly bunch. And speaking of new pals, allow us to introduce to you these insanely hot, talented, and trendsetting non-celebrity beauties we've just met. From models to bloggers, these irresistible ladies are bound to keep you glued to IG and will have you double-tapping with abandon on their beach pictures and gym selfies.

Get to know them some more, gentlemen, as we welcome you to our first FHM Must-Follow Monday.

Ask your girlfriend what’s her favorite online bikini shop, and most likely, Pepper Swim’s on her list. This Filipina-made bikini line has been making waves online since it opened in 2012. The brand is loved for its versatility—it can be used for swimming or surfing, plus, all pieces are reversible. And with 6 strong years in the business (even before Instagram shops became a thing), over 12k followers online, and thousands of local and foreign clientsthere's no doubt that Pepper Swim is one of the best #PinoyPride brands in the country.

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We got the chance to chat with the owner, designer, and model of Pepper Swim, Jess Efenio, and found out that she’s the epitome of our dream beach babe. The culinary graduate currently resides in La Union (imagine: surfing all day, every day!), and owns a restaurant there called Seawadeeka (they also have a branch in Siargao!).

Just like the name of her brand, her Instagram feed can also instantly spice up your otherwise boring social media life. We couldn’t help but notice that she looks a bit like Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters, too!


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With her sultry morena look and indubitable talent, Jess ultimately represents the new brand of sexy that deserves a follow on Instagram. Get to know her better below:

What inspired you to start your own swimwear line? 

Back in 2012, I started surfing in La Union, I had a hard time finding bikinis for surfing that were also high cut and cheeky. So I decided to open my own brand: Pepper Swim. I came up with designs that are sexy but also perfect for surfing.

So far, what’s been your highest point as an Instagram influencer and Pepper Swim owner?

I don’t think I’m an influencer. I just post for my brand, and me surfing is an everyday thing so I just share them online ha-ha!. But I’m so grateful that girls get inspired to wear bikinis and be proud of their own skin when they see me post a photo.

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And what’s been the hardest thing?

The hardest thing is to get that perfect Instagram photo. I have this mood on my Instagram that I strictly follow.

How long have you been surfing?

I’ve been surfing for 6 years.

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Where is your favorite surf spot?

La Union! Everyone here is just extremely friendly in and out of the water. Unlike other spots, we enjoy giving each other waves and cheering each other on when we get nice rides.

What’s the secret to taking the perfect Instagram beach photo?

Just enjoy while taking that shot!


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How do you unwind after a long day at the beach?

I love to go on picnics while I watch the sunset.

Any travel hacks you swear by?

Pack light! 


Where’s your most favorite place (international and local) and why.

Maldives! The water is just extremely blue and beautiful. The islands are so pristine and very well taken care of. It’s a dream. Here in the Philippines, no place can beat Palawan. San Vicente to be exact. The beaches are so nice, no crowd, plus there’s surf too!

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Follow Jess on Instagram @jessefenio

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