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Behind-The-Scenes At Phoebe Walker's Endless Cover Shoot

Relatively new around these parts, she has demonstrated sound qualities usually seen in established stars
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 2, 2017
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They say good things come to those who wait.

What the FHM crew didn't expect that waiting meant a record 15 hours, in the case of our April 2017 covergirl's photo shoot.

The session was set in lensman Artu Nepomuceno's tranquil abode, where the whole team and Phoebe Walker's entourage converged at a little before mid noon.

Actually, the sanctuary was antique enough to achieve the spectral vibe that the art director liked for the cover shoot, but we had to stand by until night time to set in to maximize certain elements with darkness.

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"Horror stories"—as the entertainment circle call them—involving celebrities are fairly common in the industry. Examples of these cases, wherein fame has gotten into the head of a personality, are actors and actresses who turn out to be privileged pricks and prima donnas.

Worst, it's the unproven ones who get embroiled in such incidents.


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Fortunately, Phoebe didn't show even a slight trace of that temperament. She able to maintain her sophisticated aura after literally Netflix and chilling for a good eight hours, all while being the consummate professional the entire time.

Mind you, this is the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival Best Supporting Actress (as Sister Cecilia in Seklusyon) we're talking about. Her attitude is another reason Phoebe will survive this cutthroat business, and not just because she is undeniably talented.

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Working long hours can take a toll on an individual, most of the time seeing a drop in performance. Good thing Phoebe's zeal seemed to have rubbed off on everyone, that it took a while for the crew to notice that it was already midnight during the final layout.

Surely, she had grown weary from that extended lull. After all, Phoebe's human, too. But this didn't keep her from doling out maximum effort once the shutters started rolling, heeding the photographer's every directive and even broaching her own ideas.

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She may be relatively new around these parts, yet Phoebe has demonstrated sound qualities usually seen in established stars. One could dismiss a single photo shoot as a small sample size, yet ours has proven that she has the makings of a legitimate thespian.

Come to think of it, we wouldn't mind passing a ridiculous amount of time again, if it meant being in the captivating presence of this month's muse.

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Aside from Phoebe, FHM April 2017 delves into the art of fake news, exposes your most hidden fetishes, and explores the gastronomic trend of food parks.

FHM April 2017 is now available in supermarkets, convenience stores, newsstands, and bookstores nationwide!

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