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7 Filipina Gamer Girls Who Have Killer Skills (And Sex Appeal)

These women are out to debunk the 'fake gamer girl' myth
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 19, 2018
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In the world of video games, the term "gamer girl" sometimes has a negative connotation. Female players have been mostly discriminated for being attractive yet unskilled—an unfair assessment given a lot of them are truly talented. Recently, however, there's a growing local community of hardcore gamer girls who are trying to make their mark. Just check out the button-mashers below, who are staking their claim in the multiplayer online battle arena, first-person shooter, and RPG genres through streaming platform Twitch. Game on, girls!

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Bea Benedicto

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Twitch followers: 485

Bea Bee might be a noob to the gaming scene, having only put up her streaming account earlier this month, trying titles like Doki Doki Literature Club and Iron Snout. Check out her channel's short but hilarious description: "Hold on panget pa homepage ko hahaha!" But what she lacks in experience and expertise, Bea makes up for in social media presence (272k fans across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), so expect her average subscriber count to spike pretty soon.

Lhea Bernardino

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Twitch followers: 6,439

The FHM favorite seems to have found her calling in video games, particularly as a TNC ambassadress. Apparently, Lhea B is quite the MOBA aficionado, playing League of Legends and its smartphone counterpart Arena of Valor on the regular. She spends most of her Twitch time in the IRL (in real life) category. She recently collapsed while online due to fatigue after a busy day. Get well soon, Lhea!

Lorelyn Faith

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Twitch followers: 12,216

Going by the pseudonym LorelynF, the 25-year-old content creator might just be the most hardcore gamer girl on this list. Scrolling through her YouTube channel, it looks like she has gotten her hands on almost every available game here (from Dota 2 to Deceit), but is currently addicted to Dragon Nest Mobile and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. If you factor in her vlogger fanbase (157,300 subscribers), Lorelyn has a very wide reach and legions of adoring fans.


Rikki Quiapon

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Twitch followers: 18,065

Aside from trying to survive in Fortnite, RikuRikuRiku is connected to gaming for another reason—she's the esports shoutcaster of hit MOBAs LoL, Heroes of Storm, Vainglory, and currently AoV. According to her Twitch bio, Rikki left her dayjob to become a freelance talent and stream regularly. 

Ashley Gosiengfiao

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Twitch followers: 26,632

Video games are just one of her many passions, which include volleyball, music, photography, and modeling. Ashley, who streams almost every night and hopes to do it full-time, was initially into FPS and RPG titles before falling in love with MOBA. Despite being the bigger gamer (PUBG, Fortnite, and Cuphead), it's suprising that the social media influencer isn't the most popular Gosiengfiao in these parts.

Ann Mateo

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Twitch followers: 66,501

Perhaps the most successful FHM babe to cross over from our pages to the competitive tech arena, Ann has reinvented herself as a legit gamer girl. By the looks of her Twitch videos, she has been staying up late to get that "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" in PUBG. Every once in a while, the ASUS Republic of Gamers endorser answers questions from her subscribers and invites some of her gorgeous peers for Just Dance videos. Sweet!

Alodia Gosiengfiao

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Twitch followers: 15,904
Facebook followers: 6,095,201

The Queen of Philippine Cosplay is basically a Twitch newcomer when compared to her sister Ashley—although most of her live work is on Facebook and YouTube, mixed with her vlogs that are viewed more. Her latest uploads consist of PUBG, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, Rules of Survival, and Dota 2, among others. Maybe this is Alodia's own version of method acting to internalize the cool characters that she portrays.


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