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Ryza Cenon As A Manananggal Can Come After Us All She Wants

The May 2013 Cover Girl shows her most daring side in her upcoming indie horror film
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 1, 2016
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FHM May 2013 Cover Girl Ryza Cenon never seems to age.

Just look at her. She still has that girlish grin that captivated us during her Starstruck days. Her expressive doe-eyes and deep dimples? Simply hypnotic.  

From supporting roles to lead roles both as an antagonist and a protagonist, this baby-faced 28-year-old has experienced it all. 

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Then this happened.

Who are you calling baby now? 


In an interview with, Ryza excitedly talked about her daring scenes in the upcoming 2016 QCinema International Film Fest entry Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B.

What sizzling scenes, you ask? Well, we’re talking about two bed scenes with two different leading men, and a masturbation scene.

Yup, we still talking about the same Ryza here.

But until the film's October 13 opening comes, let’s bask in the beauty that is Ryza Cenon—rightfully so, sans the manananggal prosthetics.

This view, everyday

Toned bod? Work hard!

If a manananggal were as stunning as her, we’d gladly surrender in an instant

Can’t wait to see you fly, Ryza!

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