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Do Yourself A Favor—Follow Chie Filomeno On Instagram

The GirlTrends member's social media status is golden
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 11, 2017
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Chie Filomeno has been on everyone’s radar these past few weeks because of her viral vacation video.

Chie, as she is fondly called, is slowly but surely making her name as one of the most sought-after It’s Showtime GirlTrends members, and as one of the country's hottest Instagram must-follows. In fact, she just reached the 1 million followers mark, proving that this woman is really the newest IG sensation.

The 20-year-old stunner has come a long way since her early cosplaying years. From being a supporting star on popular TV show Got To Believe and blockbuster film Just The Way You Are, she's now a certified social media darling (don't be surprised iff she finally lands her own TV show or movie soon).

In celebration of her blossoming career, here are some snapshots of Chie that have helped mold her now-golden social media status. Hurry! Click that follow button so you don’t miss out her next trending photo.

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