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This Gorgeous Selena Gomez Doppelganger Will Have You Seeing Double

When you're ready come and get her na-na-na-na
by Khatrina Bonagua | Aug 23, 2017
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Meet 22-year-old Sofia Solares.

Sofia, who hails from Mexico, has recently become a viral sensation for her striking resemblance to international pop superstar Selena Gomez. Proof is on her Instagram account, which is bursting with eye-popping Gomez-esque selfies that have netizens and news outlets worldwide paying attention.

Whether she's snapping an OOTD or posing wackily, Sofia has been receiving comments nonstop from her followers all over the world about how much she looks like the former child star.


Still shocked at their wonderful similarities? Run through some more of her smoldering snaps below and shower Sofia with the same old love...

Do you think she really looks like Selena? Let us know via our poll below!



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