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5 Insanely Sexy Poses Arny, Jackie, Kim, And Valeen Are Obsessed With

The other half of #FHMBubbleGangGirls has mastered the art of the selfie game
by Khatrina Bonagua | Nov 1, 2017
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No Instagram craze gets by this scintillating and social media-savvy Bubble Gang quartet. From the duck face, fish gape, T-rex hands to the belfie (butt selfie) and plandid, FHM favorites Arny Ross, Jackie Rice, Kim Domingo, and Valeen Montenegro are true masters of the selfie-game. Their IG feeds are filled with these stunningly sexy poses, which automatically moves you to go on a double-tapping spree every time they upload something. To help you figure out what we (and your girlfriend) are talking about, here’s a rundown of some of snaps of them doing those trending stunts.  

1) Duck Face

Pucker up + pout the lips


2) Fish Gape

Lips parted + shows a bit of teeth



3) T-rex Hands

Fingers posed + situated near the face


4) Belfie

Turns away from cam + shows that sexy butt



5) Plandid

Look away from the camera + pretend it’s candid


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