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Trending: Fictional Racy Tweets Starring Sons Of Presidentiables

The hashtag #RP69FanFic has taken Election 2016 to naughty heights
by Khatrina Bonagua | May 11, 2016
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If you were on Twitter today, the first thing that probably popped up on your trending list is the hashtag "#RP69fanfic." Not your typical #AlDub hashtag, #RP69fanfic got us curious, so we clicked the link and immediately found ourselves trapped in a quicksand of sexual innuendos and saucy post-Election jokefest. 

Who are the stars? The sons of presidential candidates, Baste Duterte, Junjun Binay, Paolo Roxas, and Brian Poe Llamanzares. Also joining the fray is Sandro Marcos, son of vice presidential candidate, Bongbong Marcos, and author of the irrefutably-undeniably-well-thought-of but now-deleted tweet, “Also, the total votes for President are not the same total for Vice President. What the hell #DayaangMatuwid”


The political tension has taken a strange turn for the sexual. Some might take exception to this kind of humor, though. In other words: read the following tweets at your own risk, especially if you are easily offended. 

Be careful, daddy's watching:

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Change is coming:

The parents will be proud:

You don't say:

Makati boys be like:

Hidden wealth you say?:

No words:

Keep it classy, Twitter! Here's the link if you need more of this stuff.  

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