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This Cebuana FHM Model Is Trending For All The Right Reasons

Have you met Sunshine Guimary?
by Khatrina Bonagua | Aug 15, 2017
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These past few months, a former FHM model has been trending on social media. When pictures and videos of her surfaced on Facebook, everyone was curious about who she was and what she did for a living. Her most viral post so far is of her eating some crab in a curious manner, a video which, as of press time, has over 1.5 million views. Who knew that crustaceans could yield a ton of shares and likes? 


Upon searching our archives, we found out that Sunshine Guimary has actually graced the pages of FHM. Read her interview right here.


Her 2014 feature expounds on the fact that Sunshine is a Cebu-based model who is fond of travelling and eating good food. She also claims to idolize famous women who are her namesake, actresses Sunshine Cruz and Sunshine Garcia. We're just happy that, once upon a time, she was happy to recreate our Wild, Wild West fantasies.


Aside from her head-turning and viral-worthy looks, Sunshine is also known for her well-curated Instagram feed, which mostly features her adventures here and abroad. She’s definitely a social media star on the rise, with 280K followers and counting on Instagram. 

So if you need your daily dose of sunshine to brighten up your gloomy day, just click that “Follow” button right away. We're sure Sunshine can be your silver lining when reality becomes too heavy to bear. 

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