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Your Favorite Supermarket Rotisserie Chicken Ranked

Not all of these go-to roasted wonders are created equal after all
by Anne Mari Ronquillo | Sep 16, 2016
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Supermarket trips, much like life, is just you running around grocery aisles like a headless chicken wondering how you got from point A (blissful childhood) to point B (miserable adulthood). But still, you soldier on and pick up two week's worth of fresh produce and raw meat.

As you pretend to understand the true difference between baking powder and baking soda, along comes a whiff of the ubiquitous smell that can only emanate from the supermarket's rotisserie section. Instantly, your dinner dilemma is solved!


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The case for taking home a perfectly roasted whole chicken can be best described as a domino effect. For starters, you don't need to cook. Which means no one gets to judge your cooking, even for just a night. Then, there are less dishes to wash. If you have leftovers, you can slap it on a breakfast sandwich next morning and proclaim to the world later that you're seriously watching your weight!

It's a foolproof investment. But pretty much like anything, not all roasted chicken are created equal. That's why we figured it's high time to rank them from "okay" to "touched by an Iron Chef" just so you know what to expect when you don't feel like whipping up something hot and hearty in the kitchen tonight.

Imagine walking right into this

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Robinson's Supermarket Rotisserie Chicken
The roast chicken from this popular supermarket chain does its best to wow, but you'll know at first bite that it's quite not there yet. At the very least, you applaud the effort because it's not really unsavory. Though inexpensive, it's not something you'd crave for. It's good, but not yet "Baliwag-good."

SM Hypermarket's Hot Roast
A little more on the affordable side, SM Hypermarket's lemongrass-rubbed roast chicken can be had for less than P200. The flavors are pretty standard, but don't invite a friend over to share this with and expect them to be impressed. You get what you pay for as their chicken tends to be on the junior side of the spectrum.

Leave it to Rustan's to make everything just a little more fancy. Their scrumptious offering, spinning ever so slowly in a rotisserie strategically placed next to an expertly curated selection of wine and a world-class deli, wins at marketing as well as in taste. Was it smothered in basil-infused olive oil? We'll never know. While it looks and tastes expensive, it's actually pretty affordable at no more than P250.

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You know you want it

The chicken station at Shopwise is one of those reliable sources of appetizing protein you can turn to when you're just too tired from hoarding all those inviting canned good deals. They serve a good-sized chicken with an herb-y flavor that only sophisticated palates can identify, but all tongues will love.

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We don't know if it's because Landers is the new kid on the block, but their likable, Instagram-friendly cafeteria offers one of the most delicious roast chickens in town.

A favorite of titas everywhere, a bag of S&R roast chicken qualifies as a modern "pasalubong ng bayan." It is perfectly seasoned inside and out, and so juicy that you stop caring about the recommended daily sodium intake altogether.

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