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The 15 Things A Man Must Know: The FHM Bionic Edition

A 77-year-old weightlifter, Chris Pratt's "drinking problem," and exercise with the Victoria's Secret Angels!
by Mars Salazar | Dec 11, 2014
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15 things

Don’t forget to keep tabs on your fitness routine this holiday season!

Get reading and let two amazing weightlifters, exercising Victoria’s Secret models, and the most kickass teen we’ve ever seen inspire you to stay in tip-top shape this December.

This 77-year-old woman can deadlift 215 pounds despite only weighing 105 pounds. How does that make you feel, hmm?

Video via USA Today

Speaking of superhuman strength, this Chinese dude takes the phrase “balls of steel” to a whole new level by swinging 80 kilogram-weights from his testicles.

Video via ET TUBE

Want to get Chris Pratt’s Star Lord physique? Stick to a healthy diet, intense workouts, and an obscene amount of water. “I was peeing all day long, every day,” Pratt shares. “That part was a nightmare.”

15 things

Adidas’s new Tubular Runners look fantastic! Calling our long lost ninongs and ninangs!

15 thingsPhoto via

We’re aware that some athletes can deliver Oscar-worthy performances in reaction to the slightest shove, but this football flop’s a bit too much.

Circumcision isn’t just a painful rite of passage
we had to endure pre-puberty; it’s also scientifically proven to reduce the risk of genital herpes, HPV, UTI, and penis cancer. 

15 thingsPhoto via

Victoria’s Secret Angel Izabel Goulart sure worked hard for her wings, as she demonstrates in this workout video.

Video via Erika Foster

There’s also Adriana Lima, who usually works out in an empty warehouse.

Video via Victoria's Secret

Gentlemen, meet Leticia Bufonithe cutest skateboarder we’ve ever had the pleasure of ogling.

Video via NikeWomen

And here’s Alex Morgan, one of the cutest female footballers we've ever laid eyes on.

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