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Sarah As Skeleton Soldier, Plus, The Sexiest Celebs In Costumes on Halloween

Anne, Marian, Arci, Nadine, and peers just get more and more creative every year
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 29, 2017
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If there’s an event where celebrities have an excuse to unleash their dark and creative side , it’s Halloween.

During this season, stars gamely dress up and imitate whoever they want to be—sans the judgement from other people. Whether it’s their favorite character from a film, or someone they aspire to be, Halloween is the time to live their dreams.

In fact, a number of gorgeous actresses are known to play dress up every year. Here, we compile some of the best—and sexiest!—costumes we’ve seen so far from these Halloween-loving ladies. We can’t wait to see who’ll they’ll be this year!

Nadine Lustre

Final Fantasy, 2016

Harley Quinn, 2015

Victorian Vampire, 2014

Arci Muñoz

Sailor Moon, 2016

Harley Quinn, 2015

Marian Rivera

Snow White, 2015

Merida, 2014

Jessica Rabbit, 2013

Anne Curtis

Eleven from Stranger Things, 2016

Wednesday Addams, 2015

Black Swan, 2014


Kris Bernal

Annabelle, 2015

Black Widow, 2014

Coleen Garcia

Edward Scissorhands, 2016

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Sexy Joker, 2015

Joker, 2014

Yassi Pressman

Zombie, 2016

Gamora, 2015

Cruella de Vil, 2014

Bea Alonzo

Wonder Woman, 2016

Pirate, 2015

Sarah Lahbati

Skeleton Soldier, 2016

Lara Croft, 2014

Poison Ivy, 2013

Isabelle Daza

Captain Planet, 2016

Soldier, 2015

Erap, 2014

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