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Here's Why The Internet Is Obsessed With Gal Gadot

What a wonderful woman!
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jun 5, 2017
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The Internet is obsessed with Gal Gadot, and we’re really not surprised.

If you’ve watched DC’s Wonder Woman, you probably know what we’re talking about. The hype is real. The film managed to exceed our expectations, and Gal, of course, nailed it as the God killer Amazonian.

She’s badass. She’s beautiful. It was as if the role was created specifically for her. (Read our glowing review of the movie here).

Of course, the internet agrees with our obsession over the film and over Gal herself. And to fan that flame even more, here are some reasons she's deserving of the adulation, according to the World Wide Web.


She’s such a badass, even off-cam

She’s real as it gets


She’s genuinely good…


She looks SUPER even when she's not in her superhero costume

In lingerie

In a plain white shirt

She’s the epitome of a modern, independent woman…

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…who knows how to let loose and have fun in between


But she’s always game to kick some ass when challenged


To sum it up, here’s our most favorite GIF of Gal to date

Whatta wonderful woman!

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