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The Singer Of Evanescence Looks Entirely Different

She isn't the Amy Lee we used to know
by John Paulo Aguilera | Sep 9, 2016
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Remember when the music video for "Bring Me To Life" first came out?

The image of Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee writhing in bed and dangling from her apartment, spliced with Paul McCoy's (12 Stones) backing screams, established the group's goth persona. The dark visuals and black makeup didn't help the band's claim that what they were doing was simply rock.

Since then, Evanescence has had more personnel changes than chart-toppers, except for "My Immortal." This must be the reason Amy decided to reinvent herself, more noticeable on the asthetic side. We must warn you, though, her new look could be disconcerting, especially to those used to her emo ways.

Here she is now:

What's with those pastel colors and that smile?!

If you think she that looks like a guest—if not a character—on Yo Gabba Gabba!, her recent musical detour, it makes so much sense after learning of her recent musical detour.

Amy is reportedly set to release a children's visual album called Dream Too Much, which features songs such as "Little Bird" and "Rubber Duckie." She did the Amazon Music Original as a tribute to her two-year-old son.

Here is the title track's stop-motion animated music video, if you can't get enough of the new Amy Lee:

From singing about spirits and realizations to farm animals. Ah, how time flies.


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