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What 'The Walking Dead's' Female Characters Look Like When Not Covered In Dirt And Zombie Blood

Hurry, before they turn…
by Chise Alcantara | Mar 4, 2016
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The world has a weird obsession with fantasizing about how it'll end, but none of them seem as fun as taking down hordes of zombie with peashooters and cutting their heads off with katanas. Another thing exciting about this apocalypse prospect is the fact that in every zombie-inspired movie or TV show, there always has to be freakin' hot girls, whose good looks and female badassery offset all the goriness.

The most popular zombie series right now, The Walking Dead (TWD), has no shortage of undead-slaying beauties. This is a tribute to all these women who are still pleasing to the eye even with rotten entrails in their hair.


Andrea - Laurie Holden

Laurie isn't a greenhorn when it comes to the horror, sci-fi genre, appearing in shows such as The X-Files and Silent Hill. While she hasn't played the most lovable characters during her career, you just have to admit that she's still quite the looker. In the series, she has done questionable things, including weirdly getting it on with the Governor. But at the end of her run, we did feel a little hurt when we realized we wouldn't be able to see her irritatingly lovely face again.

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Amy - Emma Bell

Good looks certainly run in the family, but apparently, so do short lifespans. Playing Andrea's short-lived sister on TWD, Emma's been too keen on following the "all hot blondes must die" trope in the horror genre, as we can see in her film repertoire which includes Final Destination 5 and Frozen (No, not the Disney film but the one where they get stranded on a chairlift in a snowstorm-stricken ski resort). She always seems to get caught in the most dangerous of situations.

Lori Grimes - Sarah Wayne Callies

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Rick Grimes' (Andrew Lincoln) wife and the mother of his children. Her character really knew how to play around, as she made best friends and partners, Rick and Shane, fight over her sexy MILF-ness. Sarah also starred as the introverted but still pretty cute doctor, Sara Tancredi, on Prison Break.

Jessie Anderson - Alexandra Breckenridge

Even though her stay in the show was relatively brief, Jessie's beautiful face seemed to have captivated and somewhat even took back ruthless leader Rick into his old lawful sheriff self…that is until she stupidly endangered his children while walking through a horde of zombies. Alexandra has also graced FHM USA with her dazzling smile.

Take a look at her younger redhead self here!

Michonne - Danai Gurira

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We could only wish we got over women as fast as Rick does, but they don't call him Rick "Grimey" Grimes for nothing—actually, they don't. But he better be careful with Michonne, since she is basically a katana-wielding badass who has cut off more heads than we could count. But in real life, Danai would probably be more comfortable wielding her pen than a sword. She is also a playwright who mainly authors plays promoting women empowerment. Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o starred in one of them, Eclipse, a tale about women sex slaves in Liberia.

Maggie Greene - Lauren Cohan

How lucky can Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) get? Not only is he immune to dying (well, at least in the TV series) but he also has a hot honey soon-to-be-baby-mama as his girl. While being an absolute charmer on TWD, Lauren is sexier in real life. Despite her strong Southern twang in the series, she's actually British with a sexy English accent to boot.

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Sasha - Sonequa Martin-Green

The zombie apocalypse hasn't been kind to her, mostly because every one Sasha gets close to dies, and because of this she's a bit unstable. As much as tough females who carry big guns turn us on, the fact that they can turn cray at any point in time makes us worry a bit.

Rosita Espinosa - Christian Serratos

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Oh Rosita! Rosita! This Latina bombshell has all the men drooling at her and her no-fucks-given attitude. And by men, we're not only referring to the guys from TWD but most likely her co-stars from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide—where she played Suzie Crabgrass—as well. Yup, that's where you recognize her from!

My, my, Suzie grew well.


Tara Chambler - Alanna Masterson

Tara's one of the more confusing characters in the series because of all the fronts she puts up. When we first met her, she seemed like another boyish wannabe-cop girl, later on revealing her softer caring side upon joining Rick's group. It wasn't only us who thought she was going to have a love triangle thing with Glenn and Maggie, but thankfully, swung the other way when she and Dr. Denise kissed.

Carol Peletier - Melissa McBride

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Don't let her kind, cool aunt vibe fool you. This woman is downright merciless. She's probably the most evolved character—from an abused wife to a murderer who means well. Melissa definitely does an awesome job playing her, showcasing not only her acting skills but also her baking expertise. We'd definitely want to hang out with her.

Beth Greene - Emily Kinney

Before you say we're DOM's for finding her hot, wait till we tell you that she's actually 30 years old. We're not kidding you. This baby-faced beauty is probably the only girl in the series to actually catch Daryl Dixon's (Norman Reedus) eye. Sadly, she died in arguably the most surprising death the series has had so far.


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