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These Oscars 2016 Gowns Were Seriously Inviting Wardrobe Malfunction

The ensembles that were one tug, slip, or gust of wind away from unwanted exposure
by John Paulo Aguilera | Feb 29, 2016
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"Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins a much-deserved Oscar."

"Chris Rock's hilariously poignant hosting and monologue deserves its own Oscar."

"Lady Gaga tugs at heartstrings during Oscar performance with sexual assault survivors."

These were the most common storylines for the recently concluded 88th Academy Awards.

However, these were not the only things that grabbed our attention while watching the prestigious awards ceremony. Whenever there's a red carpet, you'd be damn sure there will also be a handful of head-turners.

Our favorite foreign female celebrities not only blew us away with their superb acting, but also beguiled us with their consummate beauty and grace. And in functions as grand as the Oscars, they become more fastidious in looking good. Well, you can't really blame them...

Some, however, tread the line between stunning and catastrophic garb, aiming for the pinnacle of being attractive, despite the higher probability of the dreaded wardrobe malfunction. This year was no different. Below is a rundown of the brave, sexy, and talented women who showed us some red carpet skin. 

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The thigh-high slit squad

Rooney Mara

Rachel McAdams

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How were they even able to walk properly? One wrong leg scissor motion and they could easily end up like Anne Curtis and her legendary tanga (mind the pronunciation) moment.


The breast tape hoarders

Saoirse Ronan

Margot Robbie

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Charlize Theron

Charlotte Riley (with husband Tom Hardy)

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The red carpet Hall of Famers

Heidi Klum

Olivia Wilde

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