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10 Filipino Lines You Should Never Say To Your Boss

Scratch these off your workplace vocabulary!
by Mars Salazar | Sep 9, 2015
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A lot of things matter in the workplace: your output, your attitude, your appearance. Here’s one more thing that really matters (but we sometimes forget about): your words.

In the office or wherever you "get the job done," it’s a must to be extra aware of the stuff that comes out of your mouth, because they could give the wrong impression about you faster than a regrettable tattoo will ever do. Choose each of your words wisely, and scratch off these phrases from your vocabulary—especially when you’re talking to your boss, who can demote you (or, worse, fire you). Working here in the Philippines is no exception, FYI.

Or, you know what? Go ahead and say these Filipino lines...if you want to be on the fast-track to looking for another job, that is.


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Instead of whining about how your credit-grabbing officemate (who started at the company a whole three months after you did) was the one promoted instead of you, gather all the evidence that it really should’ve been you instead of the other guy and prove to your boss that he made a huge mistake (with your performance, of course).


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Stepping up to whatever job your boss assigns you to do proves that you’re an excellent, reliable team player—someone any manager would want on his/her staff. And if you can be trusted to do small tasks, then you’re also most likely reliable enough for bigger responsibilities, making you perfect leader material.

But if you always say "Bakit ako?" whenever a job that's not normally assigned to you comes your way, then your superiors might think you're lazy and a one-trick pony who lacks the versatility to go further at work.


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When your boss asks you to do something, you don’t try to do it: you do it, period. In fact, we suggest removing the word "try" from your vocabulary altogether since it denotes a chance of failing, which is something top-quality bros just don’t do.


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If your lifestyle’s too grand for your paycheck, find other ways to sustain your extravagance. Look for a (legal) side gig, or if you really can’t handle it anymore, amicably bid adieu to your company and look for a better, higher-paying job.

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Ratting out your co-worker using such uncouth language is a big no-no. If your officemate’s really getting on your nerves, word your complaint in the nicest, kindest, most professional way possible. Keep the emphasis on how Scumbag Steve’s lackluster performance affects the output of the whole team instead of how you can hear the sounds from his Fallout game from his not-so-noise-cancelling earphones.

Also, talk to the proper persons (e.g. HR personnel, your boss), not to the office chismosos that might brew up nasty rumors based on the issue that ultimately will affect the office environment negatively.


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Unless you’re chummy with your boss, you better stay away from comments like this. It doesn’t matter if your boss is a man or a woman—it’s better to err on the nice side, especially when he or she can fire you as easily as she can chow down a Big Mac.


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Yes, your boss makes you do loads of tasks, and it can get tiring easily. Don't look at it as a form of punishment though. Think of it this way: Your boss is confident that you'll get the job done, which is exactly why he or she's giving it to you in the first place.


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And were you the only one who experienced it? How come Juan, Pedro, Popoy, and Junior all came here on time and you didn't?


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Tao lang, nagkakamali din! If you think you can do a better job than your boss at something, then you should speak up in a nice way. Remember, your boss’ output also reflects on you. Your boss will appreciate your know-how, and it shows just how skilled and good-natured you are.


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Bro, that’s just plain rude. Surely you can phrase that in a more professional and polite way, right? Try explaining that you’re in the middle of something, and that you’ll get back to your boss ASAP when you’re done. If your boss has no chill at all, we suggest dropping everything and attending to him—remember, he can kick you out anytime!