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This Fangirl Totally Nails Her Star Wars Impressions

Well, sort of. #CloseEnough
December 16, 2017
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Meet Mika Fabella: ballet dancer, not-so-secret Jedi Master, and self-confessed Star Wars geek. She has been familiar in the ways of The Force since childhood—ever since her father took her to see the theatrical re-release of the original trilogy. These days, she trains with a lightsaber and performs regularly for fellow fans.

But she's also down to do some less serious Star Wars stuff, like her impersonations in the video above. A Star Wars nerd with a not-so-serious side? We really like Mika.

The Force may be strong with her, but even Mika's high midichlorian count couldn't predict that she would be going home with some really awesome Star Wars merchandise, courtesy of Globe!

After going through some silly antics, Mika was totally surprised to receive five tickets to The Last Jedi block screening, Globe Lifestyle Star Wars clothing, a LEGO Star Wars set, a Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenges VR box set, and a Kylo Ren Force FX Lightsaber (to lure the Jedi Master to the Dark Side, naturally). That end clip where Mika marvels at the Star Wars swag and unboxes each item? Priceless.

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