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This Fitness Model Is Heartless...Literally

No heart, no surrender
by Tanya Umali | Sep 3, 2016
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If you think working out is hard, then you should meet the fitness model without a functioning heart and pulse...

Yes, you read it right. A fitness model WITHOUT A FUNCTIONING HEART AND PULSE (in case we didn't freak you out just a while back).

Meet Andrew Jones, the 26-year-old bionic bodybuilder.

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In an interview, Jones shared that he ran out of breath while running one day in 2012. He described it as like "breathing through a sponge." Doctors didn't find anything wrong with him then, but two years later, he started feeling ill again, experiencing pneumonia-like symptoms and coughing up blood. He immediately stopped working out.

Eventually, he was diagnosed at age 22 with viral cardiomyopathy, a chronic condition that turns one's heart muscle enlarged, rigid, or thick.


Jones was then given a portable, battery-operated device to help his heart pump blood. Until a heart becomes available for transplant, he has to carry the contraption called Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) 24/7. It is used by patients who have reached end-stage heart failure. It is surgically implanted and helps the left ventricle pump blood to the body.

Despite his condition, Jones has remained positive and now carries on with his daily activities, particularly the thing he loves the most—working out. "It's hard to pinpoint the moment that I decided I was going to live a no-excuses lifestyle," Jones tells People. "I feel like that was always a part of me. It was something you have to accept. It was either that or die."

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Jones even started his own charity, Hearts at Large. Ever since he was diagnosed with the condition, he wanted to raise awareness for organ donations and has over 35,200 followers on his Instagram, @FitnessWithAJ.

If he can work out every day knowing that he doesn't have a functioning heart, what more could a person with a healthy one do?

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