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How They Transformed The Rock's Body In New Movie

A closer look at the special effects involved in transforming a ripped jock to an overweight shower singer
by Gelo Gonzales | Jun 27, 2016
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Transforming normal-sized people into overweight, flab-filled creatures has long been a tradition in Hollywood ever since Eddie Murphy slipped into his Nutty Professor costume.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is the latest to undergo the said transformation—albeit in a more high-tech manner. Johnson stars in the new comedy Central Intelligence, which opened last June 15. In the trailer, Johnson sings theatrically in the shower wearing nothing but layers of fat. Some jocks see him and humiliate him by flinging Johnson's naked body at a packed gymnasium. It got movie-goers laughing. 


One thing that was noticeable about The Rock's oversized appearance was that the effects looked really good. It truly looked like a teenage version of the Rock who had one too many chocolate bars. Obviously, it wasn't merely a fatsuit. So what was it? As explained in a video by tech site Wired below, the movie used a very advanced version of face-swap techology. They face-swapped The Rock and a Vine performer by the name of Sione Kelepi. The body you see is actually Kelepi's. 3D scans of the Rock's face were then plastered over Kelepi's head. Watch the process here: 

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