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This Pro Gamer Broke Up With The 'Hottest Weather Girl In The World'

He did it more 'Call of Duty'
by Ash Mahinay | Jul 25, 2018
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First of all, Doug "Censor" Martin isn't the typical weedy looking pro gamer. He actually hits the gym, has social skills, doesn't have glasses or acne, and wears expensive fuccboi shoes rather than tsinelas to tournaments.

Unfair stereotypes of e-sports athletes aside, he also had an extremely hot girlfriend in the shape of Yanet Garcia, the so-called hottest weathergirl in the world. Keyword: had. Here, get acquainted with her gram first:

Apparently, it's not the Best Life possible to be a pro gamer with a super hot Mexican weather woman/model girlfriend since Censor posted a YouTube video saying they broke up their three-year old relationship. They had even moved to live together in New York! Why? Because he needed more time to focus on Call of Duty. Censor explained himself here, but he says he just doesn't have enough time.


Yanet also wanted to pursue her career in Mexico so the scheduling was hell, but would you give up a girlfriend like her to be a pro e-sports athlete rather than try to work things out? Is Censor making the right choice of going career over love or is this the ultimate case of "Dota o ako?" and picking the wrong choice. Because he's going from this:

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to, well, this:

All we can say is: Black Ops IIII better be a damn good game when it comes out in October. Oh, also: Damn, bro!

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