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10 Life Tips From The Best Tita We Never Had, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago

The Iron Lady Of Asia may be gone, but she left us with the best lines that we'll forever treasure in our hearts
by Khatrina Bonagua | Sep 29, 2016
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Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago was the "Best Tita We Never Had."

Her wit, humor, and feistiness strongly remind us of our favorite tita. The very tita who gives us the best gifts during Christmas Eve, asks us the dreaded "Kailan ka ikakasal?" during family dinners, tolerates our chickboy tendencies, introduces us to awesome girlfriends-to-be, who defends us when our parents just won't understand us, and, of course, shares the best life advice.

A tita who despite her busy schedule, still remembers to text us, "Hijo, kumusta ka na?"

Tita Miriam was unforgettable like that.

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The Iron Lady Of Asia may be gone, but she left us with the best lines that we will forever treasure in our hearts. Thanks, Tita. We'll always keep these lessons in mind.

1) Tita Miriam says: "Those who like me, raise your hand. For those who don't, raise your standards."
When that chick you loved your whole life dumps you for another man, don't sulk. Think that it's her loss, not yours. If she doesn't like you, fine. Don't settle for someone who loves you less. Don't chase after her, just let her go. Never compromise your ideals, your standards for someone undeserving.

2) Tita Miriam says: "Ang dami-daming pinagsasasabi pero hindi naman nagbabasa. The main problem with some of our politicians is that they are illiterate."
Before posting a political rant on Facebook, or sharing a news article, think first. Don't be like the others (read: keyboard warriors), who mindlessly share, post, and comment on something as if they know everything. Intelligence is sexy, just look at Tita Miriam. And she wants you to read everything first before making a judgement and influencing someone online.

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Tita Miriam says: "Five tips for a happy man's life: Have a girl to help you at work, have a girl to take care of you and love you, have a girl who can make you laugh, have a girl who spoils you, and lastly and most importantly, siguraduhin na hindi magkakakilala ang apat na babaeng iyon."
Tita Miriam knows the value of dating, that's why she suggests that you go out there and meet people before settling down. Dating is fun. You'll get to discover what you like and what you don't like in a person, all while discovering yourself. It is trial and error—you'll break some hearts, you'll get your heart broken, which is normal. At the end of the day, the experience you get from loving these women is all that matters.

4) Tita Miriam says: "Hindi naman ako mataba eh. In fact, I'm so sexy that it overflows."
Dad bod? Be proud! To hell with those cuts and those abs. As long as you know that you're healthy, be proud. Whenever you feel your self-esteem is down, remember this advice from our beloved tita. It all comes to confidence, bro.

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5) Tita Miriam says: "You know, if you shut down all the TV cameras, the proceedings will be finished in one week, but people want more than 15 [minutes] of fame."
It's good to disconnect once in a while. Turn off that WiFi, shut down your phone, just, sit back,
relax, and enjoy. The social media will still go on even if you're not checking it. Those work emails sent on weekends? Fight the urge to not read them. That yummy food served on your date? You don't need to Instagram it. Once in a while, just savor the moment as it is—you with your family, with your barkada, your girlfriend, andwithout a phone in your hand. You are not required to post something, heck, no one's even asking you to keep scrolling. Stop doing, start being.


6) Tita Miriam says: "I eat death threats for breakfast."
If Tita Miriam could treat death threats as such, then surely, you can handle them as well. Of course, we mean all those obstacles and struggles that life gives you. Work pressures? Family problems? A moody girlfriend? Don't let 'em get to you!

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7) Tita Miriam says: "I went to see a pulmonologist and then she said 'I'm sorry but you have cancer,' and I said 'Yes!' because I wanted a challenge in my life."
Imagine life without challenges. You live, you love, everyone succeeds. Boring. If there are no challenges—no mountains to climb, no seas to swim, no bosses to impress, no women to woo, then what are we living for? Challenges are here to motivate you, to inspire you. Just like in video games, you "level up" after every challenge—and that's what you do in life, you level up until you become the best.

Tita Miriam says: "Ang love parang sports. Kaya mo bang maipanalo ang isang laro kung reserba ka lang?"
If you know you are worth it—whether it's career or love, go for it. Again, don't settle. Fight for what you want. Do your best so that you won’t be a mere second best. Life's too short for mediocrity. Strive for more always.

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9) Tita Miriam says: "Malabo na talaga mga mata ko. Pwede ba akong humingi sa iyo ng kahit konting pagtingin?"
Save this for that woman of your dreams. Take it from Tita Miriam. This will not fail you. Trust her, and go get that girl.

10) Tita Miriam says: "God is neither up above nor out there. Instead, God is found in here. In the human mind, in the human conscience. That is why, you are not only graduating with a bachelor's degree today, you are graduating to a place nearer where God is. Because God is in here. God is in you."
We bow to your wisdom and greatness. Preach, Tita Miriam, preach.

Photo taken from Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago Facebook page

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