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LOOK: The Perfect Payback Device For Your Noisy Neighbors

Use this against karaoke-singing bastards who loudly sing 'My Way' well into the wee hours of the morning.
by Neps Firmalan | Feb 1, 2016
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Unless you're planning to live in Mongolia where the population density is less than two people per square kilometer (or any other similarly under-populated area), picking a place near noisy neighbors is a real risk.

And if you're one of the unlucky ones who constantly suffer through sleepless nights, thanks to these inconsiderate douches, well, one guy has come up with a nifty payback device that might just be the solution you need.

Forget peeing on their lawn shotguns, barangay calls, or threatening anonymous letters—this doesn't involve any of those.

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Rather, it involves a bit of tech ingenuity from a YouTube user named Jamil who, with his gizmo know-how and concern for our sanity, created a stereo with the noisy neighbor in mind.


He hooked up a set of huge speakers with a CD player, microphone, and a customized Arduino (an open-source platform which can be programmed for different uses) board. The result: a setup which "listens" for noise levels on a wall and, when it's consistently loud enough, fires a reply in the form of an annoying, beat-blasting song of your own choosing.

Watch it in action below:

It certainly works and, while Jamil's rackety fellow apartment-dwellers didn't tone down the music, we're pretty sure they'll get (hear?) the message soon enough. That, or start of a contest of loud tunes and strained wits is imminent.

The million-peso question: If you were in his shoes, what song would you choose? For the record, the unanimous choice of your friends here at the FHM HQ is "Macarena."

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Seriously though, a little patience and diplomacy could go a long way here.

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