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Hassle Husbands: 15 Things Every New Wife Should Know

It is what it is
by Christine Dale S. Ong | Jun 18, 2013
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Till death do us part? Maybe more like a life filled with man-made deadly farts. After the picturesque wedding ceremony and blissful honeymoon come the day-to-day travails of married life. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not just men who grumble at women’s idiosyncrasies—quirks that were once cute that have since become annoying after waking up beside the same person every day.

And if you think husbands have it easy, consider this: Seeing your wife without makeup during a bad hair day versus your husband casually walking past you while you’re watching TV—balls hanging out in all his naked, not-fresh-from-the-shower glory.

We will never understand why people generally feel sorry for a man who forever commits himself to a sole partner, because really, the woman's about to have it worse. Not to be pessimistic, ladies, but it's all downhill from here.

Below are the 15 things every new wife must know about their husband before they eventually turn into "Groom-zilla."

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