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LOOK: The Oscars' 'Vagina Dress' Steals Netizens' Attention

That moment when something innocent looks unintentionally kinky
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Mar 3, 2016
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Leonardo DiCaprio's first win, Chris Rock laying the smackdown on white America, gowns that were seriously inviting wardrobe malfunction: Oscars 2016 was legendary. However, another "star" of that evening didn't get as much attention that night but has since found Internet infamy. We're talking about a gown.

Yes, a goddamn gown.

It was worn by Edwina Bartholomew, a reporter for Australian breakfast TV program Sunrise. She chose the lilac gown because she thought it made her look like Elsa from Frozen. It kinda did. But netizens also noticed that the extra piece of silk swirled near her hip looked like something else, something really kinky...

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This comment sums it all up: "Nice but why is there a uterus on your dress?" Hence, Edwina's outfit was unofficially christened as the Oscars' Vagina Dress.

The reporter took it in stride, responding like a good sport by tweeting:



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