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Valeen Montenegro Has A Girl Crush On Chariz Solomon

Let that sink in for a little bit
by FHM Staff | Nov 14, 2017
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Probably one of the best things about two-time cover muse Valeen Montenegro is her candor. When the super toned stunner answers our queries, she never fails to be blunt in her approach, a sweet and playful demeanor always lingering in the background, hinting at an innate naughtiness. These are qualities that make her a perfect fit for Bubble Gang, where she has been lending her talents for around two years now. Through sheer talent and charm (and a physique that’s indubitably fantastic), she’s been quickly carving a name for herself as one of the Bubble Gang brand’s brightest laugh-generators.

“This is Bubble Gang’s 22nd anniversary and this is going to be my second,” she shares. “Ever since I was in grade school, ever since I could remember, I was watching Bubble Gang. Never in my life would I have thought that I was going to be part of the gang. I feel honored. It’s a constant struggle, but I love the people I work with on and off cam. I’m very happy.”


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Aside from tempering her comedic chops, Valeen has built strong ties with her castmates, especially with fellow Bubble Girl Chariz Solomon. Valeen admits that, sometimes, her adoration for the hilarious Chariz is tantamount to a girl crush—an idea that, we admit, is capable of stirring the imagination. But then, Valeen is quick to clarify, bringing us back to reality by explaining that it’s Cha’s solid parenting skills that have made an impression.

“She’s a mother of two and she’s very hands-on,” she explains. “That’s like the sexiest thing about her. She’s like a super mom in my eyes. If I were to be a Mom, I want to be like her. Ang ganda pa rin niya. It’s so unfair.”

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Don’t worry, Valeen. And don’t hurry. We’re sure that when your time comes, your skills will be just as admirable as well.

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