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WATCH: A Man's Guide To Understanding Female Expressions

Bogart The Explorer's newest video attempts to decipher history's biggest mystery: women's facial expressions and what they mean.
| Dec 17, 2015
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"Bakit ba hindi mo ako ma-gets?"

We're preeeeetty sure you've heard this question from your lady countless times. Your typical reply: a blank look.

It's hard to decipher what women really mean oftentimes. Deep inside, you've always wanted to answer her: "Bakit kasi hindi mo na lang sabihin ng diretso? Hindi ako manghuhula." Oftentimes as well, you just shut your mouth so the argument doesn't worsen.


Today, however, might just mark a turning point for your relationship; Internet celebrity Bogart The Explorer turned his attention to women's facial expressions in his latest work. Specifically: Just what the F they mean. Consider this a handy-dandy online video guide for us, clueless boyfriends.


We can understand women completely now!

(Note: not really.)


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