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WATCH: If Scientists Had Super Powers

The video's actually a teaser for an upcoming video game called 'Science Kombat'
by Neps Firmalan | Mar 9, 2016
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Scientists are superheroes in their own right, using their intellect to do good and make their mark in history. But what if they're the more "traditional" type? By that we mean they have the super powers that go "Pew! Pew!" and make every kid in town want to become a scientist when they grow up.

The super entertaining video below from the Facebook page Popular Science tries to answer just that. It basically shows some of the most notable scientists in history possessing powers related to the scientific milestones and discoveries they're famous for.

Want to see Charles Darwin lay the smackdown by transforming into a brawny gorilla, or Albert Einsten travel at the speed of light to land a powerful hit?

Press play:

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Here's the thing: That video is actually a teaser for a real game that's currently in development.

Called Science Kombat, it's now being developed by Superinteressante (a website that talks about anything from history to tech and culture) and it will let you play the role of your favorite scientist, dishing out the (virtual) pain on your opponents in the name of science!


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