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Your Favorite Babes' Zodiac Signs And What It Says About Their Personalities

They are heavenly bodies after all
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Jul 7, 2018
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Everyone is excited to witness the total lunar eclipse, which will be visible in our country on the 28th of July. It's interesting how occurrences like these, which were once feared because they were thought to bring bad luck, are now a source of obsession for many who believe that their fates are written in the stars. 

Some even associate constellations with personalities, as if stars are responsible for our own behavior and characteristics. Technology has not diminished people's fascination with astrology. In fact, it can be argued that it has even strengthened it. As proof, if you go to Twitter and search for any zodiac sign, numerous astrology accounts will stare back at you in the face. 

Whether you are a believer in the way the stars affect your lives or not, it is undeniable that there are certain traits that bind people born under the same zodiac sign. Aries are known to be full of fire and desire, Leo's are born to be the center of attention, and Capricorns are known to be the most disciplined of all. Have you ever wondered about the zodiac signs of your favorite stars (pun intended) and how it describes their personalities? Well, we've done the necessary research for you and listed it here to see if these heavenly bodies remain true to what their stars say about them.

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Janine Gutierrez

Janine is the perfect example of an Aries. Passionate, determined, adventurous, and sometimes innocent are just some of the words that best represent this Zodiac sign. Each of those words define this young actress, model, and TV host as well. Right, Janine?


Andrea Torres

When your ruling planet is Venus, it’s no question that exceptional beauty is what you’re all about. Andrea Torres? Exceptional beauty. But the thing that truly sets her apart is her elegance and sensuality.


Valeen Montenegro

It is undeniable that one look at Valeen will leave you gasping for air. Yes, that was a Gemini joke. But the most fascinating part of Valeen is her wit and humor. You can’t go wrong with someone as adventurous and resourceful as her.


Solenn Heussaff

Solenn doesn’t shy away from expressing her femininity through steamy photos and also through her paintings, as one of the definitive characteristics of a Cancer is creativity. Her sensitivity to people and their emotions help her to be compassionate and nurturing.

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Marian Rivera

Normally, Leo’s wear their hearts on their sleeves, and Marian is no different. She shines effortlessly and draws you in with her entertaining personality and innate inclination to drama. No wonder she’s one of the most celebrated actresses and models in the country.


Louise delos Reyes

One of the qualities that define a Virgo is her health and how she takes care of it. So we’re not at all surprised that Louise is in perfect shape. She can be judicious about herself and her situation so being hard working and practical are also some of her key traits.



Pia Wurtzbach

Sincerity and equality are the best two qualities of a Libra. This obviously showed in Pia Wurtzbach when she won the Miss Universe pageant. Being confidently beautiful with a heart is not a feat everyone can accomplish unless you’re a Libra and you’re Pia Wurtzbach.

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Nadine Lustre

There are only a few that can match Nadine’s intense and magnetic aura. They’re probably Scorpios, too, but not quite like the trendsetting actress, singer, host, and model.


Maxene Magalona

Enthusiasm and optimism are what make Maxene Magalona an inspiration to her adoring fans. She always looks for the brighter side of things, a quality that takes on adventures we can only dream of. Travel is one of the loves of a Sagittarius.


Catriona Gray

It takes a lot of hard work, discipline, and maturity to be a beauty queen like Catriona Gray. Sure, her zodiac sign of Capricorn makes that a little easier for her, but that doesn’t mean she needed less devotion and dedication to get to where she is today. #CatGanern


Anne Curtis

When Anne appears on TV, do you ever think that she might be a friendly artista in person despite being very popular? Well, that’s probably because she’s an Aquarius. It comes naturally for them to be open-minded and have an easy time communicating with people, which describes Anne perfectly.

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Megan Young

It shows in Megan Young’s actions how compassionate and helping she is. Megan Young is made of dreams and water, the latter being her element, which shows in her strut on stage and wherever she goes. Her body is a gorgeous wave that peaks around the hips. #BalakangBabe

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