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The Bro's Guide To These 4 Basic Pet Gestures

Because girls dig dog-loving dudes.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Aug 3, 2015
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Ever wished that your four-legged friends can communicate with you? Well, they do; just not with words.

Along with sounds, pets use gestures to communicate. Their body language can tell you much about their current state of mind. And knowing these signs can help you determine if your dog is in pain or if your feline is feeling threatened.

Here's a basic guide to what your furry friend is trying to tell you:


Dog: "Back off, bitches!"

Think your dog is aching for some snuggling? Well, sort of. But what he’s actually trying to do is put his smell on you to let other canines know they need to back off.

Cat: "You're mine!"

If you think your cat rubs his chin and body against you to let you know he missed you, you're actually mistaken. According to Humane Society, he's actually "marking his territory." Never knew cats could be this possessive.

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Dog: "So glad to see you!"

A wagging tail can mean your dog is happy to have a companion after a long day being left alone at home. Some even run around in circles and jump at you.

Cat: "I'm scared."

The Humane Society explains that rapid tail-swishing means your cat is afraid of something. This could be because of a loud noise, a rowdy toddler or the presence of a stranger. 

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Dog: "Okay. I get it."

According to, a dog that quickly licks its lips wants to let you know that he understands your instruction. Say you've caught him biting your shoe and you say "no." If you see him showing you one of those quick licks, it means he gets your point. If you've seen him do this, stop with the punishment right away or else your pooch will grow fearful of you because he thinks you ignored his signs.

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Cat: "I trust you!"

When a cat licks you, it simply means he trusts and cares according to Dr. Patty Khuly. These kisses can also mean that he’s feeling "safe and happy."


Dog: "Rawr!"

When dogs roll over onto their backs and expose their bellies, you immediately assume that they want a rub, right? Research suggests that rolling over may be more of a combat maneuver than an act of submission. When playing with other dogs, they tend to roll over their backs in order to block bites and launch their own counters. Be sure your fingers are out of the way when such an encounter happens.

Cat: "Hey! Notice me."

According to, cats roll to get your attention. If you can give it a belly rub, it would surely be happy.


If you want to know more about your pets' feelings, devote extra time to them and observe their interactions with other folks and animals. It makes for great bonding and also allows you to understand his needs, even if he can't use words to express them.

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