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What To Eat This Weekend: Wolf And Fox's New Lunch Grub Specials

This stylish, quirky gastropub in BGC has an interesting split personality.
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 6, 2015
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Ready to grab some grub this weekend? Let The FHM Guide To Man Food tell you where to fill up that stomach of yours!

For this edition, we check out Wolf & Fox GastroPub in BGC, a quirky and stylish joint with a cool, laidback vibe located right smack in the big-city trappings of The Fort. Like How I Met Your Mother's MacLaren Pub, this watering hole has the makings of being the ideal homebase for pre-gaming before the big night out or for the nights when you just want to kick back a bottle or two, without getting too stuffy. 

Inside, you'll see anthropomorphic portraits of gentlemanly tigers, dandy koalas dressed like a girl in her Sunday dress, ferrets that have traded in their fur for old-lady garb, and of course, the eponymous fox. Why the name? The Wolf & Fox brand is supposed to represent the dichotomy between today's two successful breeds of men. The wolf is the suit-and-tie guy with a taste for sophistication and life's finer things, while the clever fox represents the creatives of the world, free-spirited and driven by passion. And these are the kinds of men that the gastropub hopes to fuel with food and drinksdivided neatly into "Wolf" and "Fox" menus. The dishes we tried though can be appreciated no matter what sort of animal you are.

Wolf & Fox offers a juiced-up array of lunch dishes geared towards the lunch mob around the area. From al dente pasta dishes to heavy beef tummy-fillers, these wallet-friendly, and most importantly, tongue-pleasing meals can power you through any day. But enough talk, we know you want some (photos and descriptions); below is our handy guide to what you should devour there!

Keep a hanky nearby, fellow foodies, drooling is inevitable...

For the man who thinks he deserves something more than fast-food lasagna

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Contrary to what its name would have you believe initially, this ain't no vegetarian pasta. The filling inside the lasagna is still classic meat sauce that's incredibly rich and cheesy. So why "Verde"? The verde in its name refers to the addition of spinach, which provides extra oomph to an already great dish. (And hey, spinach always has been good to guys like Popeye, right?)  

Price: P188

For the man who can't decide which pasta to order


Marinara, carbonara, oil and garlic, pesto—sometimes, the stomach just can't make up its darned mind on what sort of spaghetti to slurp up. Allow Wolf & Fox then to solve that dilemma for you. On this plate, you get four kinds of pasta (spinach, lemon, squid ink, and tomato) and four kinds of sauces (aglio olio, white sauce, pomodoro, and pesto) cooked with one thing in mind: to make them so good you wouldn't want to share the bounty.

Price: P188

For the man who needs a hearty dose of protein


If you're not feeling like eating carbs, Wolf And Fox's new lunch menu also includes this glorious serving of sirloin. It's tender and tasty, and is served with creamy mushroom sauce and potatoes.  

Price: P218


At first, we thought: "Hey, that doesn't look like the pork chop momma cooks!"

And then we split it open, and found heaven:

Not only was this pork chop pan-fried to perfection, it's also stuffed with other things that also make the mouth water such as mozarella, spinach, and pomodoro. It's definitely an item unique to W&F's menu.

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Price: P188

For those whose loyalty lies with #TeamChicken forever


For those who want a little flair in the way their chicken is prepared, this chicken casserole is the panacea you've been looking for. The chicken (it's inside that yellow layer!) is creamy and steamy and the flavor is locked in by those whipped potatoes. The starchy flavor also adds nuance and texture to this baked delight.

Price: P178


Now if you're something far simpler, you can't go wrong with classic fried chicken. "Simpler" doesn't mean though that it's not special. W&F's take on the dish packs some zing thanks to its crisp and that distinctive flavor unique to the resto. And look there's some purple gulay on the side too!

Price: P189

For the man who's trying to get back his #LaBoracay abs


Sure your mouth can storm through steaks and pork chops like no one's business. Unfortunately, your belly cannot. Too bad for us big eaters, the mouth can chew faster than the stomach can burn. There is, however, a remedy for that: Eat some fish. And fish doesn't need to be a struggle to eat as this impeccably cooked piece of salmon proves. Bathed in onion, garlic and butter, the salmon's natural flavors and signature flaky texture will make you want to eat it whole—like you would a steak.  

Price: P218


How can you get healthier than this? It's fish. It's baked. And look, it has lemons too! The meat is juicy, while the batter gives it that extra flavor.

Price: P189


Wolf & Fox is located at Two Parkade, 7th St. corner 30th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Open Mondays to Sundays, 11 am. to 2 a.m.

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