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Who Is Drake's Porn-Star-Turned-Painter Baby Mama?

You have to agree, she's a work of art
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Jun 29, 2018
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Just before the month of May ended, Pusha T instigated a shitstorm of rumors on the track “The Story of Adidon." Pusha claimed that Drake didn’t want the world to find out he had a son named Adonis. Drake finally confirmed the rumors on his new album Scorpion, acknowledging the fact that he does have a son.

Drake talked about his now-public fatherhood in at least two songs. He spoke about the rumors on “March 14th,” the final song on Scorpion.

Yesterday morning was crazy
I had to come to terms with the fact that it’s not a maybe
That shit is in stone, sealed and signed
She's not my lover like Billie Jean, but the kid is mine

On his track, “Emotionless,” though, he raps, “I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world. I was hiding the world from my kid.”

But who is Drake’s baby mama? In “The Story of Adidon,” Pusha T boldly namedrops, “Sophie knows better as your baby mother. Cleaned her up for IG, but the stench is on her.” This line also explains why her adult film star Instagram has since been deleted.

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People, particularly men (admit it), may know her by the name of Rosee Divine, the alias she used when she was still a pornographic actress.

Her real name is Sophie Brussaux or just Sophie B. She was born and raised in France. Her curvaceous figure now resides in New York and you can’t deny that her crazy-ass waist-to-hip ratio could easily drive men nuts.


Since she retired from the porn industry, she’s been working on her career as an artist, exhibiting in cities like New York, Milan, and London.

Her bio on her website says that her travel and studies abroad significantly influenced her art. It’s obvious her style is a mix of symbolism and surrealism, with influences of pop art. Most of her paintings are about what women of her generation go through. In this digital era, her bio says, “It is not easy to be a woman.” But we'd like to think that you agree with us when we say that Sophie Brussaux is a work of art herself.

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