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Bea Benedicto Should Really Be Your New Fitness Crush, Too

She kicks ass in the gym, then goes home and vlogs
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Jul 8, 2018
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If you’re all out of fitness inspirations, say no more. We gotchu, fam! If you remember the much-loved and fun-filled alternative news and commentary program on the interwebz, Kontrabando, then you probably remember the ever-adorable Bea Benedicto. Come on guys, it’s okay to admit that you had a crush on Bea. We still do.

If you follow her on Instagram, then you might know what we’re talking about. From the very start, we never had a problem with Bea’s body. We’ve always thought she looked amazing. But ever since she began her fitness journey, you could easily see the difference. Bea wasn’t ashamed to show how her body looked at first, and how it looks now. Her well-documented transformation is on the net for everyone to see.

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Of course, everything starts out as a challenge. It's how you overcome it that will define you.

Turn breaking barriers and kicking ass into a habit.

And before you know it, it becomes a lifestyle.

REMEMBER: Hard work = Progress

And if you need to take a break for a while, go. You deserve it.

But taking a break isn't stopping. Push harder.

Pro tip: Don’t stop until you’re happy

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