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The Most Stunning Pinay Internet Celebrities Right Now

These women definitely live beyond their curated feeds
by Emmanuel Calingacion | Sep 15, 2018
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Internet celebrities (also known as influencers) have become a regular part of the celebrisphere, but before you judge and separate them from mainstream celebrities, take a moment to visit their blogs and vlogs—you might be surprised with their views and talents.

With social media being one of the key avenues for brand supremacy, social media presence is important nowadays. Brands contact these influencers and bloggers to promote and endorse. May it be to attend events, wear their products, or write engaging posts about them on their blogs.

To be an influencer is no easy feat. It's not about marketing the brand your endorsing, it's also about how you market yourself, and that's easier said than done. In this age of the interwebz, you'd have to be more than just pretty to build a name for yourself without the use of traditional mediums.

These women, however, handle all of that and more on a daily basis. And reaping a vacation or two from the effort and hard work they sew is something that should inspire us. 

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Cha Ocampo

This Manila-based blogger is currently on hiatus, but you can still visit her old site and her Instagram. She blogs about fashion, lifestyle, travel, and just about everything in between. Aside from writing, taking photos, and basically documenting her life, she also posts videos on her YouTube channel.

Ida Anduyan

Ida certainly has a unique look, and that’s what we like about her the most. She usually posts about her outfits, travels, and bits and pieces of her life. She’s the artsy friend you wish you had, taking aesthetic photos of you, giving you advice about fashion and taste in music. What a woman.


Vern and Verniece Enciso

These two pretty ladies could easily pass for twins, but they’re not—Vern is a year older than her sister Verniece. They blog about fashion, life, style, travel, and beauty to inspire others to dream and put in the work to achieve that dream. It’s cool to see them doing almost everything together.

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Katt Valdez

Fashion and lifestyle are the two primary things Katt Valdez blogs about. But occasionally, she writes about things from the heart, places she visits, and her inspirations. This pretty fashionista mostly sports swimsuits of different types, and rightfully so, she’s got a rockin’ bod.

Vina Guerrero

This chick blogs about fashion and lifestyle as well, but what sets her apart is her love for photography. No wonder she’s got a loaded Instagram account of her latest OOTDs and adventures. She loves photography so much that she’s made her own preset filters. So whether you’re taking pictures outdoors or indoors, she’s got your back on your aesthetic dreams.

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