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Workout Words Of Wisdom, According To Roxanne Barcelo

Such a beast in the gym!
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jun 11, 2017
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Even FHM cover girls have to work hard to stay in shape. This month’s muse, Roxanne Barcelo, is no different from anyone else, and her Instagram shows just that. If you’re following her, you’re probably one of the thousands who double-tap her workout snapshots, which show all the hard work the 32-year-old actress puts into her fitness habits. If you need inspiration to hit the gym, keep scrolling to learn some words of wisdom from this babe’s tough routine.

1) Workout wherever, whenever


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She says: “My ‘cure’ to the daily effects of stress is simple... work out! Trying to be as consistent as before but also planning to come up with a routine I can do even when I'm on set... will share that with you soon! Maybe it'll be useful when you're at home.”

2) Be disciplined

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She says: “Here is a little secret I'd like to share. Weight training, eating healthy, and taking the right supplements help me reach my fitness goals faster. Begin your fitness journey with the right mindset and the right tools. It's never too late to be your best self! Let's do this!”

3) Don’t forget to warm up…


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She says: “Sometimes you just gotta be in the moment.”

4) …and recover afterwards


She says: “Stretching after a solid leg sesh.”


5) Choose a comfortable workout outfit


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She says: “This is the most comfortable sportsbra I have. So happy with the fit!”

6) If possible, always be fashionable (the lady you've been waiting for might be exercising at the gym, too!)

She says: "Sweat in style!"

7) Don’t let anything stop you

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She says: “Worked out Thursday but still sooore. Oh and the rain won't stop...”

8) Make the choice to be stronger than before


She says: “Just finished working out. Making the choice to be stronger than yesterday.”

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