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20 Dishes You Should Try At The World Street Food Congress

Let these photos whet your appetite
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 22, 2016
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If you were around BGC last April 20, specifically along 7th Avenue, and wondered why the hell there was a huge queue of people on the field across the Forum building, here's your culprit: the World Street Food Congress.

The food fest opened to the public (entrance is free!) that day, and will be there until Sunday (April 24) to treat a Filipino crowd voracious for the world's street foods. The festival features more than 20 stalls from across the globe (okay, mostly Southeast Asia) hawking their country's brand of street food. The event, created by Singaporean street food expert KF Seetoh, is being held here for the first time—the first instance in three years in which it's being put up outside Singapore.

On its first day, the crowd was massive enough to eat through the stalls' stocks before the event's supposed closing time of 12 midnight, finishing instead at around 9:30 p.m. What did the insatiable crowd chomp through? Basically, these:

1) Har Cheong Kai

What is it: Fried chicken marinated in bagoong.
Get it at: Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee
Get it for: P200

2) Har Cheong Kai Burger

What is it: The Har Cheong burger form. Drizzled with a spicy, tangy sauce, topped with salad, and taro fries on the side.
Get it at: Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee
Get it for: P300

3) Satay Beehoon

What is it: Noodles bathed in a rich, peanutty sauce, topped with seafood, greens, tofu, and sticks of satay (think Asian barbeque).
Get it at: Alhambra Satay Singapore
Get it for: P220


4)  Chey Sua Carrot Cake

What is it: Steamed daikon (a kind of mild-flavored radish) and rice flour cakes fried with eggs. It doesn't have actual carrots. It's a misnomer, originating from the fact that "daikon" is a general Japanese word for root crops, radishes and carrots included.
Get it at: Chey Sua Carrot Cake
Get it for: P160

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5) Mee Siam

What is it: Thin rice noodles in a sweet, spicy broth made even spicier with sambal (a chili-based hot sauce) and topped with egg, seafood, and fish cakes.
Get it at: Donald And Lily
Get it for: P190

6) Braised Duck Rice Set

What is it: Not just braised duck and rice. This one also has pig offals (a general term for a butchered animal's internal organs), stewed pork belly, and soft pork skin. Not for the faint of heart!
Get it at: Jin Ji Teochew Braised Duck And Kway Chap
Get it for: P250

7) Aloo Chop

What is it: A potato patty deep fried to a golden crisp with hints of Indian mixed spices masala, ginger, and garlic.
Get it at: Satpal Chaat Bhandar
Get it for: P170

8) Hyberabadi Beryani

What is it: Fragrant basmati rice (a long-grained variety of rice common in Indian cuisine) cooked with onion, masala spices, lemon, saffron, coriander leaves, and served with bits of chicken curry.
Get it at: Shyamla
Get it for: P260

9) Churros Sundae

What is it: Fried dough pastry (churros!) served with vanilla ice cream and all sorts of toppings.
Get it at: Churros Loco
Get it for: P180

10) Smoked Chili Grilled Tofu Bao

What is it: Crispy, fried Chinese-style buns with pickled vegetables smeared with sambal, a hot sauce made of a mixture of chili peppers. 
Get it at: The Cinnamon Snail
Get it for: P160

11) Hoy Tord

What is it: A crispy, gummy and eggy mussel omelette pancake, topped with coriander, spring onions, bean sprouts, and drizzled with white pepper. 
Get it at: NCC Catering
Get it for: P220

12) Vietnam Banh Can

What is it: Traditional Vietnames pancakes mixed with seafood, and fried to a crisp. Okoy, anyone? 
Get it at: Vietnam Banh Can
Get it for: P280

13) Nambo Sticky Rice Banana

What is it: Vietnam's version of the suman. Banana surprise inside!
Get it at: Nambo Sticky Rice Banana
Get it for: P150


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14) Sate Maranggi

What is it: Indonesian-style barbeque with rice, tomato, greens, and chili salad. 
Get it at: Hajjah Yetty Sate Maranggi
Get it for: P150

15) Ayam Taliwang 

What is it: A dish that comes with a warning: "This is Indonesia's most mouth-numbing, spicy-stinging bbq chicken." Served with kangkong, peanut sauce, and satay sticks in case you can't handle the heat.
Get it at: Ayam Taliwang Bersaudara
Get it for: P220

16) Chocolate Murtabak

What is it: Chinese-style pancakes buried under a pile of eight types of chocolate. Does your girlfriend have a sweet tooth? You know what to do.
Get it at: "MAR"tabak "KO"ta "BAR"at (don't ask; that's how the stall spelled its name.)
Get it for: P200

17) Bali BBQ Ribs 

What is it: Ribs done the Balinese way—that is, flavored with kicap mainis (a sweeter kind of soy sauce), sambal, and served with shredded veggies to lessen the guilt.
Get it at: Warung Sunset Bali BBQ Ribs
Get it for: P300

18) Kinupusang Baboy

What is it: In case you wanted to increase your blood pressure, here's another specialty, the Kinupusang Baboy, or deep-fried pork belly cut into convenient, bite-sized cubes.
Get it at: The "One Visayas" stall
Get it for: P220

19) Pasta Bicolandia with Ginubatan Longganisa

What is it: Think Bicol Express but instead of rice you have a heaping serving of al dente pasta.
Get it at: The "Bicol" stall
Get it for: P180

20) Spicy Paella Lechon

What is it: Lechon with spicy truffle paella. It's lechon. It's paella. It has truffles. Is it streetfood? Probably not. Are you still going to line up for it? YES.
Get it at: Pepita's Kitchen
Get it for: P280


Photography Gelo Gonzales

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