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6 Possible Professions In The Tech Industry

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by Tanya Umali | Oct 24, 2016
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Do you often feel like your job is too stressful? Do you feel as if you're not getting paid enough to do the work assigned to you? Are you worried that your chosen industry will not thrive? Fret not, because you can always opt for a career change. 

According to job-hunting site CareerCast, the tech industry holds a promising future for aspirants. Their Best Jobs of 2016 list is dominated by tech careers so there's no doubt that you'll be guaranteed a promising future should you change your job path. 

If you're still not convinced, look at the list for yourself with the growth rate of each job included:

1. Network and computer systems administrator

Computers are an integral part of our daily lives and are in constant need of configuration. That's why it's easy to understand why network and computer systems administrators have been in demand recently, and the need has grown by 8%. 

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2. Data Scientist

Data is the backbone of any company tha utilizes technology. The need for people capable of organizing and setting up data infrastructure is high. With the jobs in this field growing at 16%, you can expect it to be in demand in the following years. 

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3. Information Security Analyst

With numerous cyber attacks targetting industry bigwigs, companies are in need of experts who can protect their precious data from thieves. This occupation is rising by 18% and will only continue to grow next year. 


4. Software Engineer

Companies need specific softwares that should be customized to fit their needs. Being a software engineer entails being familiar with computer languages and development environments. 

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5. Computer Systems Analyst

Computers aren't disappearing any time soon. In fact, the need to innovate only becomes more palpable as time passes. While computers continue to evolve, companies will hire those who can write software and troubleshoot digital problems. 

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6. Web Developer

In this digital climate, websites are the key ingredient to running a business smoothly. These websites need to be taken care of. That is the task of a web developer: creating, maintaining, and troubleshooting websites. With more websites being generated in this era if start-up companies, the demand for web developers in the field has risen to 21%. 

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