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5 Enlightening Podcasts You Should Tune In To Over The Long Weekend

Use the time to listen and learn
by Jason Tulio | Nov 2, 2018
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Long weekends are for relaxing, right? That is true, but while relaxing on your way to the beach or as you enjoy the traffic-free roads of the city, you can still use the chance to listen and learn through a podcast. If you're not sure where to start, here are five podcasts you can check out this long weekend.

The Joe Rogan Experience

The stand-up comic, who's perhaps best known for his time as the host of Fear Factor and as a commentator for the UFC, covers a whole range of topics on his popular podcast. From UFC fighters, fellow comics, to world-renowned scientists, and even conspiracy theorists convinced that the earth is flat, no topic is off limits.

The Weekly Planet

Love comic books and movies? This podcast explores the latest and best (and oftentimes, the worst) of the comic book subculture. Here you'll find movie and comic reviews, updates on the most anticipated movies of the year, and two hosts who are true fanboys but know full well not to take any lore or mythos too seriously.

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Millennial Money

Listening to a podcast about personal finances while you're on vacation might not sound like a fun time, but the lessons in this podcast about managing your money are vital. While some of the tips are very US-centric, like when they talk about the 401(k), the advice on saving and investing are pretty universal.

Revisionist History

If you're a history buff, this podcast looks at some modern historic events through a different lens. Hosted by best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell, Revisionist History reinvestigates certain events through the eyes of witnesses, experts, and investigators. For example, one interesting episode looks at why hall of fame cager Wilt Chamberlain couldn't shoot to save his life.

Jocko Podcast

Want to re-enter the work week with a renewed sense of vigor and discipline? Then who better to change your mindset than a former Navy SEAL. Jocko Willink discusses a wide array of topics on his show, from history, leadership, to military strategy, and many more. And as his steely voice echoes from your headphones, you too will be inspired to, as he says, "Get after it!"

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