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These Fearsome Flicks Represent A New Breed Of Horror

Keep the lights on if you must...
by Anton D. Umali | Oct 31, 2016
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One of the best ways to celebrate Halloween is to curl up with your girl on the couch and put on a scary movie. There’s nothing quite like watching a horror flick and experiencing the visceral, palpable excitement the feeling of fear can offer. Plus, it’ll give you a considerably good reason to snuggle with your ladylove when she gets all jittery from nerves.

The genre of horror has been doing well for itself over the last few years, which means a number of great flicks have been spawned by macabre filmmakers. A common theme: humans are the primary villains, characters whose innate evil corrupts and takes over. Horror films are moodier, too, relying more on tone and stunning cinematography to invoke terror.

That's the great thing about the genre, it's constantly evolving, finding new ways to crawl out of the shadows and attack unsuspecting victims. That’s awesome news, only because now, you have a thicker list of bloodcurdling, mind-bending, and piss-your-pants shocking movies to marathon come All Hallows’ Eve. Keep the lights on if you must.

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It Follows

Where a supernatural STD preys on horny teenagers

More atmospheric than in-your-face in its brand of horror, it’s a cautionary tale about irresponsible sex and the consequences that come along with it. After a teenager named Annie (Maika Monroe) knocks boots with her new boyfriend, she discovers that she’s been marked by an ancient curse that gets passed on through intercourse. A malevolent entity that can take the form of friends and loved ones starts stalking her, creepily following her wherever she goes. The only way to get rid of it: find someone else to sleep with.   

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The Invitation

When former friends go cuckoo, don’t drink the Kool-Aid

When his ex-wife invites him over to dinner with her new husband and a couple of other friends, Will (Logan Marshall-Green) becomes suspicious of his hosts true intentions. Bathed in shadowy cinematography that plays into the protagonist’s confused state of mind, the film is tense and taut throughout, the dinner party suddenly becoming an avenue for hashing out unresolved issues. As paranoia seeps in, Will and the other guests are forced to question the sinister motives behind the tiular invite. 

Into The Forest

A new take on the impending apocalypse

Two sisters (played by Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood) must survive the harsh elements, starvation, and violent intruders when a global power outage threatens mankind. No zombies, exploding volcanoes, or torrential typhoons here—just raw, oft-painful drama. True to form, the movie acts as a meditation on the lengths humans will go to survive in an apocalyptic situation. 

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Where humor and horror collide

This Kiwi horror-comedy mixes dark humor with suspense. After a failed robbery attempt, the rebellious Kylie is sanctioned to do house arrest back in the home she grew up in. She isn’t happy about it, and it doesn’t help that a noisy spirit is disrupting the household. A natural badass, Kylie fights back as she tries to unravel the mystery behind the pesky poltergeist.  


You’re Next

Get your dose of home invasion thrills and chills

Erin (the gorgeous Sharni Vinson), a young woman on a trip to meet her boyfriend’s family, finds herself caught in the middle of a manic home invasion, where masked murderers maim the relatives of her new lover. This modern take on the slasher flick is a fun ride for those who enjoy blood, guts, and gore.



Sweet sci-fi terror for all the nerds out there

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A group of friends enjoying a dinner party get caught up in some inter-dimensional madness when a passing comet messes with the fabric of space and time. What starts of as a brooding drama morphs into a frenetic game of mistaken identities when a portal is opened to another dimension. The horror in this one is pretty cosmic.


Don’t Breathe

A claustrophobic’s nightmare

From the filmmakers that brought you the Evil Dead reboot comes a home invasion thriller that flips the subgenre on its head. A group of petty thieves break into the home of a retired soldier, unaware that, despite his blindness, he’s more than capable of defending himself. What follows is a thrilling game of cat-and-mouse that’ll have you on the edge of your seat up until the very end.


Lights Out

Because darkness is still one of the most primal fears

Nightlights have always provided a false sense of security for children. Well, tell that to the characters in this creepy caper, who are stalked by a malevolent spectre that can only make its presence felt in the dark. Keep your flashlight near. You’re going to need it. 

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The Visit

Meet the grandparents from hell

If you love visits to your grandparents, M. Night Shyamalan’s spin on the overused found footage trope will make you rethink your fondness for your older relatives. A pair of siblings on vacation find that grandpa and grandma are acting weirder than usual. And when things take a turn for the dangerous, they realize that these septuagenarians are hiding a dark secret.



Scream…if you can

A deaf mute novelist living in a remote cabin finds herself trapped inside her own home when a crazed killer targets her as his next victim. The Netflix Original finds new ways to give the home invasion storyline a jolt of originality—the protagonist’s disabilities lending the script some fresh angles. But when the credits come rolling, don’t be surprised if you have a newfound appreciation for the fact that you can speak and hear.

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